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Surf Watch Home on The Sea Ranch

Early Advertising for The Sea Ranch:

The Sea Ranch. The most unusual second-home colony ever conceived by nature and man"... These are the modest opening words of one of a number of beautiful advertising brochures designed to entice buyers to The Sea Ranch in its early years of operation...

Marker Building along Highway One

Sea Ranch Architectural Legacy:

Honoring the 50th anniversary of The Sea Ranch, the Archives Committee presents a selection of images from our collection to illustrate the architectural legacy of The Sea Ranch...

Sea Ranch Chapel

Construction of the Sea Ranch Chapel:

Donated by Betty and Robert Buffum and designed by James Hubbell, The Sea Ranch Chapel was dedicated on December 8, 1985. The non-denominational Sea Ranch Chapel offers sanctuary for prayer, meditation and spiritual renewal. Its beauty is a tribute to the coastal artisans who crafted it without plans from a model and sketches. The chapel features a cedar roof accented with copper and a bronze spire. Handcrafted teak doors complement the native redwood...