Notification of Emergencies

Emergency Message System

  • Our Emergency Message System is hosted by Everbridge. To learn more about Everbridge please visit their website:

  • If you provide your contact information, The Sea Ranch Association will contact you automatically in an emergency. Your Sea Ranch home will always be the first contact method; followed by cell phone and text messaging if you have those services. It is also capable of sending messages via e-mail. One alternate home phone number and two business phone numbers may be called as well.

  • When you receive a call from TSRA (on your caller ID may be displayed as 785-2444) you will hear the message and be asked to press 1 to confirm that you received the message. If you do not confirm, or if you hang up, then the system will keep cycling through your contact methods until you confirm receipt, or the broadcast timeframe is up. If you have an answering machine, the system will leave a message (providing power is up) and ask that you call back to confirm. Again, our first priority in notification is your Sea Ranch House, which is critical for wildfire evacuations and tsunami alerts.

  • If you have never provided contact and emergency preparedness information about yourself and your property, or would like to submit current information, please complete the Contact Information / Emergency Preparedness form in one of the following manners:


  • If you rent your home to long-term renters, please assure that they complete the How May We Contact You/Emergency Preparedness-LTR form as well. We want to reach all residents. If we need send an evacuation notice, it will be quicker and safer to contact your renter directly, rather than you receiving the evacuation notice and then calling them. With this system, we can notify both you and your long-term renter.