Emergency Telephone Contacts

(Area Code 707 unless otherwise noted)

Problem or Service If you are calling from
your Landline, dial:
If you are calling from
your Cell Phone, dial:
Fire 911 565-2121
Medical 911 565-2121
Safety 911 565-2121
Law enforcement 911 565-2121
Search and rescue 911 565-2121
Non-injury vehicle accident (Highway Patrol) 588-1400
Security, vandalism, disturbance, trespass 785-2701 Sea Ranch Security
Mountain lion sighting 785-2701 Sea Ranch Security
Sea Ranch Fire Department, non-emergency 785-2648 Sea Ranch Fire Dept.
Paramedic/EMT and ambulance, non-emergency 884-1829 Coast Life Support
Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS), Gualala 884-4005
Sonoma County Sheriff, non-emergency 565-2511

Who to Call in an Emergency on The Sea Ranch