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Disaster Response at The Sea Ranch

In every emergency event on The Sea Ranch, the Fire and Sheriff Departments lead our response. All safety directions flow from them to The Sea Ranch Association (TSRA) management and down to staff and volunteers. TSRA will contact you automatically in an emergency. Please provide updated information by completing the Member Contact Information & Emergency Preparedness Form.

To respond to any emergency, TSRA has in place a Disaster Response Team, an extensive organization of staff and volunteers prepared to check conditions in every neighborhood, respond to medical needs appropriately, and establish any needed shelter.

We have established an organizational structure used by all levels of government (federal, state, and local) called the Incident Command System (ICS):

  • All emergency responders use the same terminology, processes and communications. ICS facilitates the coordination of our team with the Sonoma County Office of Emergency Services, CAL FIRE, The Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire Department, Coast Life Support and RCMS.
  • Because we use the ICS for every event, prior smaller emergencies have given our teams practice in the skills they will need in a large emergency.

During an emergency, an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated at the TSRA Office on Annapolis Road.

The Incident Command System is comprised of the Incident Commander and Public Information Officer and four sections: Planning, Operations, Logistics and Finance. Each section has specific responsibilities and works in harmony for each event. The Planning section works on pre-planning and anticipating the needs of a particular disaster. They collect, evaluate and disseminate information about every incident. During an event they provide communications to members and the general public, provide maps and documentation, and plan for recovery. The Operations section supports police and fire with security, medical volunteers and shelter operations. The Logistics section is comprised of TSRA Facilities & Resources and The Sea Ranch Water Company, and provides personnel and resources. Logistics oversees the inspection of facilities, roads, maintenance, and deployment of supplies and water resources. The Finance section tracks all expenditures and invoices, complies with all licensure requirements, establishes contact with FEMA, is paramount in the preservation and recovery of all financial data, and tracks employee time records and injuries.

The Volunteer Connection
A Critical Component

Directed by the TSRA Emergency Manager, volunteers with picture identification complete the disaster response team. We are very appreciative of our 100+ volunteers who train year-round to assist members and visitors when needed.

The Sea Ranch is divided into 20 divisions with a Division Leader and supporting Damage Assessors for each. The Leaders participate in monthly radio checks with the Emergency Manager and, in turn, conduct monthly walkie-talkie check-ins with their Damage Assessors. In an event, the Assessors will survey their respective neighborhoods and report their findings to their Division Leader. This communication is then relayed up the Incident Command System for further response, as warranted.

If a disaster calls for the opening of one or more shelter(s), TSRA has three designated shelters. A Shelter Manager for each unit will direct the disaster response team to setup up the shelter and will then oversee its operation. The shelters are The Del Mar Center, Ohlson Ranch House and/or The Sea Ranch Lodge. The first to open will be the Del Mar Center. Each location has automatic backup generators. A supply of water, food, basic first aid supplies, cots, blankets, pet supplies, sanitation necessities, tents and cookware are part of the plan.

With our team of Medical Volunteers, the Del Mar House will function as a Medical Treatment Center and transport hub for the more seriously injured. It must be stated that the shelters do not have medicine for chronic conditions, so members must stock their own supplies for diabetes, heart or respiratory conditions, and other chronic conditions.

We have not forgotten the furry members of our community. We have planned for an Animal Shelter at the Equestrian Center staffed by volunteers, and supplied with tents, bedding, cages, etc. Since there is limited space for people, only 'Service Animals' and their owners will be accommodated at the Equestrian Center Lounge where the volunteers will help feed and exercise the service animals. If space allows, 'Comfort Animals' will also be allowed with their owners at the center. Additionally, those animals that are found running loose on TSR will be taken to the Equestrian Center where they will be housed, fed and exercised until such time as they are reunited with their owners. In situations where members have lost both home and auto, and have nowhere to keep their animal safe, they may house their animal with cage and supplies at the center, but will be responsible for the feeding, cleaning and general care of their pet. The last condition considered to accommodate members' animals will be if a member must be medically evacuated and there is no one to take care of their animal.

In the event of a disaster, there may a big need for volunteers. If you think you might be interested in volunteering during the time of a disaster, please complete the volunteer form Disaster Volunteer Preregisration Form

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