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What to Do in an Emergency

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For Conditions Such as Earthquake, Wildfire, Severe Storm or Flooding

In case of immediate life-threatening danger, go to a safe location and call 9-1-1. Then call The Sea Ranch Association Security at (707) 785-2701.

Emergency Telephone Numbers


  • If you are not in immediate danger, please stay in your own house (shelter in place).
  • You may be directed by local emergency personnel. Please comply with any instructions given. The Sea Ranch has a comprehensive disaster response plan with trained damage assessors who will check on each property. If you are directed to evacuate by emergency personnel, please follow their instructions carefully.
  • Before doing anything else, please gather all members of your family or party in one place. Attend to any first-aid needs. Go over all your provisions to determine what you have on hand and discuss how to make best use of it. If water will be in short supply, remember alternative sources such as the water heater. If you can, fill some extra containers from the faucet. Gather flash lights, blankets, protection you may need from weather, etc. Water from hot tubs can be used to flush toilets.
  • Unless there is clearly an active leak or "gas odor," please do not turn off the valve on the propane tank.
  • To the extent possible, please keep all phone lines clear. You should call one contact out of the area, and ask that person to make other phone calls to family or work associates regarding your location and condition. If you cannot get a call out, there may be local communication assistance available once the scope of the emergency situation has been assessed.
  • If you are staying in a rental home, please remain in place until the rental agency contacts you. If you must leave for any reason, please post a notice on the front door or other visible location, stating your destination and timetable for returning.
  • In general, please stay off the roads to keep them clear for emergency traffic.
  • Please post a notice in a highly visible window alerting emergency crews to your condition. Make a simple sign stating "OK" if you have no immediate needs, or "HELP" if you need assistance.
  • Rest assured that there are trained emergency responders to help, from medical teams to fire departments, amateur radio operators, organized volunteers and neighborhood Certified Emergency Response Teams.
  • If you are a medical professional or a trained responder and can offer assistance, please place an additional sign in the window or inform the emergency workers who come to check on you.
  • The Sea Ranch has made preparations for disaster response and management, has a professional response capability, and has trained a large number of volunteers to assist the community. Please stay alert to conditions, but remain confident in the assurance that you are in a community that is used to being independent and self-sufficient and seeks to help each other.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

(Area Code 707 unless otherwise noted)

Problem or Service Landline Cell Phone
Fire 911 565-2121
Medical 911 565-2121
Safety 911 565-2121
Law enforcement 911 565-2121
Search and rescue 911 565-2121
Non-injury vehicle accident (Highway Patrol) 648-5534 or 648-5550

648-5534 or

Security, vandalism, disturbance, trespass 785-2701 Sea Ranch Security 785-2701
Mountain lion sighting 785-2701 Sea Ranch Security 785-2701
The Sea Ranch Volunteer Fire District, non-emergency 785-2648 South Station 785-2648
Paramedic/EMT and ambulance, non-emergency 884-1829 Coast Life Support 884-1829
Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS), Gualala 884-4005 884-4005
Sonoma County Sheriff, non-emergency 565-2511 565-2511

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