Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Check the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

How do I login as a member?

You can login to access all of our news, publications, calendars and documentation through one of three points. Click on:

  • the person icon in the upper right corner of any page
  • the Members Login button on the home page
  • the Members link in the navigation menu, located in the upper left corner of any page

The text on the page is too small. How do I make the text bigger?

In your browser window you should see a menu item View. When you select View there should be a drop-down menu item that says Zoom. You can Zoom In to increase the text size or Zoom Out to decrease the text size.

Why isn’t the website search working?

Most of our pages, events, news and documents are for members only. When you login you will have search access to all of those member resources.

I’m visiting The Sea Ranch. Where can I find out more about recreational facilities?

Visitors to The Sea Ranch must have passes and a placard to enjoy any of our recreational facilities. You can find more information about the pass system and facilities available to renters on the Visiting page. Current access and restrictions are available to visitors in our latest news.

I registered as a new member. Why can’t I login?

In order to gain access to our website, you must be an owner, long-term renter, affiliate, rental agency or staff member. We must validate your status in our system before you can login for the first time; this process can take up to 5 business days. We appreciate your patience.

I can’t remember my username or password. How do I login?

Our system accepts a username or email interchangeably, you can use either one to login. If you’ve forgotten your password visit the Forgot Password page and enter your email address. An email will be sent to this address and include instructions on how to reset your password.

Still having trouble? Contact us at [email protected].

Where can I find out about major hazards and safety issues?

For the most current and up to date information please go to these sites for each specific hazard or event.  

Where can I purchase a trails map?

Trails maps can be purchased at the Association Office.  The maps come in two styles – paper $5.00 and plastic coats $9.00.  We do not sell maps that detail all of the trails that can be used for biking.  All members can access bike and trails maps online by logging in to our website.