Special Sites

Photo by Bill Oxford.

Historical Markers

In recognition of the complex and varied history of this unique and beautiful place, The Sea Ranch Archives Committee has placed informative markers on The Sea Ranch trails. These marker posts identify sites of historical significance from the second half of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th.  A brochure with fascinating and complete descriptions of each of the public access sites, and the events and people they evoke, is also available for sale at The Sea Ranch Association office at 975 Annapolis Road, or online here.

Nine of these markers can be viewed via public access trails. To view the nine historic markers, the Sonoma County Regional Parks provides limited public parking at the trailheads of the following public access trails: 

  • Gualala Point Regional Park: Historic Markers #1-6 and #12, can be hiked on one continuous trail
  • Stengel Beach: Historic Marker #16
  • Black Point Beach: Historic Marker #24